First International Trip: Australia

Monday, March 28, 2016

This is my very first international trip and also my first airplane ride! It’s never too late to do anything and now I just want to travel around the world. It’s pretty relaxing and being in a foreign place with a different culture and meeting new people helped me find myself – gave me a lot of ideas, appreciated the littlest things seeing beauty in every angle – it does really change everything. It is exactly what I needed. Was my experience great? It was more than what I expected and prayed for.

Our Aibnb was the best. It was pretty neat and exquisite so for me it’s worth a hundred stars! It’s a 3-4 minute walk to the beach and I was like – Yes! beach. We met the owner who was  a half Filipino and we also had a great time with him – such a good host! He helped and taught us how to get around Sydney too. Here are some photos of the place:

I know I ‘ll still experience different countries but I already fell in love with this place. I found this as my happy place where I got inspired more and even had more dreams and goals in life. It was a short yet sweet escape and I’ll definitely be back. Off to day 1!

Hope you liked the photos! Where’s your happy place?

Stay classy,

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