Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Like any other person, I also dream to travel around the world. For me travelling is like reading a book, it opens your mind to a lot of ideas, learning, getting lost in a new world or dimension and an imagination that has come to life and you'll never want to stop. 

I was given a chance to travel to Australia this year for the very first time and it felt magical because I never thought I'll be able to. I was hoping to be able to travel abroad with my mom on my first time but she looked after my daughter while I was away. I am very thankful for her and I wish they were there with me. I went with my cousins instead and the original plan was to meet with our other cousins in Sydney but it was a fail. Apparently work and school got in the way. 

Anyway, I can now take this off my bucket list and I was able to travel before I hit 25. It's never too late... to save up for another trip! Hahaha. I honestly considered being a flight attendant just to be able to visit places out of this country but I'm short, I think, and I don't even know if I have the patience to serve people for long hours. I am currently into online/retail business and you'll never know, it just might make me enough (or more) money for my travel goals with my family. Besides, I am also planning to try to get into food business. Work. Work.Work.

For my first time, it was more than what I expected and it turned out very well. We got so lucky a lot of times from free food to free rides. Me and my cousins had a blast and met new friends especially that the Airbnb we stayed at was owned by a half-Filipino. The apartment looks like the one you see in magazines, so pretty! (Photos of our Airbnb is in my other blog)  We got lost - which is the fun part - but managed to find our way around. We had a favorite new ice cream too! The name was Pat and Sticks and it is the best ice cream sandwich ever I am already missing it! We had a close encounter with kangaroos and koalas and also saw a legit zebra and a fox. We walked around and did a lot of food trips and had some stubby (bottle of beer) and drinks at night. Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese food is what we ate whenever we craved for Filipino food. I remember when we were craving for Adobo and Sinigang, I guess we got homesick too. It was also an adventure forgetting our phones and bags in different places but when we get back to the place and our stuff were still there. Such good and honest people in this country and we definitely got lucky. Bondi beach made me speechless, what more the other beaches in the world and in our country. Too bad I didn't get to see Hugh Jackman in Bondi since he went there the weekend after we got home. And yes, it's a bucket list to have a photo with at least one Hollywood star! We toured around Sydney with other tourists half of the day, crossed the Harbour Bridge, ran around and did silly things in front of the Sydney Opera House. We tried speaking in Aussie accent while we were at Circular Quay and laughed at ourselves. Sydney is such a beauty. This trip was amazing and very memorable as it also helped me breathe after such depressing events in my life. Now I know why they say travelling is therapeutic. It helps clear your head and it'll make your heart happy. Anything is possible as long as you work hard and pray hard. 

Sharing with you some photos during our trip. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Bondi Icebergs Club

 Bondi Beach

Where you can watch whales (around June) 

 owning it

 La Perouse

Circular Quay

With some of my travel essentials lol

Sydney, the koala (Taronga Zoo)

Sydney Opera House

In Aussie slang, Maccas

Town Hall

Inside the Town Hall

St. Mary's Cathedral

Angel Place

OOTD at The Harbour Bridge

Suikhi, Me, Mikole

Classic interiors

Queen Victoria Building


With our new friend, Mark (best host!)

What's your favorite moment this year? :)

Stay classy,


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