Marikina Food Hop: Milieu

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Moving on from the unique Filipino dishes we had, I got so excited to have finally landed on the streets of Lilac where Milieu, our second stop, is located. The interiors of Milieu is industrial and very simple which gives it a manly vibe. It actually reminds me of sports bars where I can imagine people dining in and enjoying a Pacquiao fight with their ice cold beers.

Here are the dishes we had:

Shrimp Mango Salad, P195

The first thing that I tasted was the shrimp and guess what, it's the best part. This dish is good as it is but I feel like I want them to add more shrimps because it's so good with the salad plus the greens, mangoes and tomatoes taste so fresh. Vegans and healthy people lol  will surely love this! 

Cucumber Lemongrass Iced Tea, P70

I recommend you do order this together with your meal. It's just so refreshing! This is the only iced tea I could go bottomless without feeling too guilty. Hehehe 

Applewood Smoked Imported Baby Back Ribs, P360

I am not a pork person anymore but I still do eat occasionally except if it's crispy pata or ribs. The meat is tender and the sauce isn't too sweet and thick. It's something you would crave when you want something savory. It's served with Bonito (smoked fish) Corn and Japanese coleslaw. 

Shake Meshi (Grilled Teriyaki Salmon), P350

And here is my favorite Teriyaki Salmon! It's well-cooked and sapid. I love this dish so much especially paired with Milieu's special rice. I want more!!

All Meat Pizza, P310

I am more of a cheese pizza fan but this thin crust meaty pizza has been added on my list. This has Bacon, Longganisa, Ham, Mozarella and Tomato Pesto - filled with goodness right? Yes!

Cookie Dough Bacon Ala Mode

This dessert got me and I've got one word: delectable. I don't actually like desserts paired with bacon but it's actually becoming a hit. I don't know if it's just me being the usual maarte with food but it just doesn't work for me. When I tasted this, I didn't hear it had bacon in it and I wasn't able to tell it had some. Maybe I was just carried away by this delicious cookie dough topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Nevermind the bacon (for me lol!). This is the bomb! 

I can't wait to try their other dishes. I've tried and tasted something new here and I am thankful for that. Thank God for good food! Too bad I wasn't able to bring home some Cookie Dough. Will definitely be back, Milieu!


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