Marikina Food Hop: Urban Street

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On our third stop, we headed to Urban Street located also at Lilac just a few blocks away from Milieu. We rested for a bit since we had a lot of good meals for lunch. lol Upon entering the resto, the wooden wall will easily catch your eye. I am an artsy fartsy person so these little things bring me joy and it is something what they call instagrammable. Urban offers to take you to different streets and lets you experience a variety of food across the globe.

Now time for our afternoon snack and here is what we had:

Mexican: Nachos with Chili Con Carne Queso Dip

Their mouth watering chili con carne dip with layers of cheese will get you addicted with those nachos with just the right amount of spiciness. Some more, por favor!

Manila Street Food  (Kikiam, Fishball, Squid ball, Isaw), P75

Isaw, P35 per stick

If you are craving those tusok-tusok food and want to make sure it's clean, Urban's got you! They are as good as the one outside and yes their Isaw is really long - I don't eat them though but I tried it. It is good for isaw eaters. Hehe

Tinapa Pesto Pizza, P180
Filipino - Italian

At first you'll think about the Tinapa in that pizza but oh my it was good and it's another new dish for me. The pesto, cheese and tinapa just blended well and will leave you drooling over again.

Chicken and Pork Yakitori, P120

From the Filipino dishes, next in line is this Japanese food - yakitori. I love Japanese food especially sushi and teriyaki dishes or anything that involves sweet, salty and savory sauces and this is a 5 star dish for me. You won't get that umay feeling even if you snack it. Tabemashou! 

Thai Pok Pok Chicken Wings, P150

Chicken again and this dish got my inner self jumping happily. It's perfectly cooked, not so oily and tasty even without the skin! It's called Pokpok because a mortar and pestle is used to pokpok (strike/stroke) the chicken - learned something new too. Additional rice, please!

Chicken and Pork Satay, P120

And now time for an Indonesian vibe. It was just kind of dry but the way they cooked it, the lemongrass gave it a twist plus their homemade peanut sauce was rich and delicious. This zesty dish is what I will crave for after eating too many sweets as well!

Also, their Thai Milk Tea is really good ya'll need to try it!

A lot of people will enjoy hanging out in here especially that they have a lot of food choices. I wish they existed during my college days plus the atmosphere is so relaxing. Will definitely eat and work here. Tambay hits! 

Open from 12NN to 10PM
Ground Floor, 10 Lilac Building, 10 Lilac Street, 
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
621 9732

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