A Dose of Stracciatella

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Green Pastures – Organic food at Shangri-la
I have passed this place a few times but I didn’t get so interested because it looked so organic but good thing my cousin introduced it to us. I was able to taste three of their dishes and yes I went back.
Terra Natura was good but I am not a fan of that kind of salad especially when I feel the cold chunks of sunflower seed and red beets and some slimy stuff. Gives me a shiver on the spine but the vegan people would enjoy this. Next on the list is the Stracciatella Cheese and Toast, which is a new found favorite!! The cheesy buffalo milk with Arugula added with a pinch of salt was really good. I’d be so happy even if it was served on my daily breakfast table. The third plate was the Roast Organic Chicken. I added this one on my chicken list, yes chicken list because I love chicken plus this is gluten free with lemon! I would definitely recommend this and you will love organic food.

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