Baler, Aurora

Thursday, January 11, 2018


This was actually last November 2017 so this post is a little late. Also, this is my second visit for the same year. But even so, I want to share with you guys my experience in this wonderful surfing haven. I've been into surfing ever since La Union and after this I have been thinking about Siargao to be the next on the list this year but we will see about that because I am so broke right now that I will have to work all year round. Lol.


We left Manila at 5 am and arrived at around 11 to 12pm. We went to the wet market and some local store we passed by to get all we need good for 3 days. We were starving when we got there since it was already lunch that time.


We stayed in our usual, Nnyl Front Beach Resort because we also promised we'd go back and their family was such good hosts that it just felt like home. We didn't stay in the main beach and we had to pass some river to get to the surfing spot. More quiet time for us I guess.


So this was our room (Room 1) and it fits 8 to 12 people. It costs PHP 5,000 per night. Perfect for the barkada, right? It was also air conditioned with 1 toilet and bath and we were pretty comfortable. Just bring extra pillow and blanket if your group is big. I brought my own blanket because their blankets are a little thin for me (Well, I love thick cozy blankets).


Lunch by the beach with the B squad. Room 1 gets the privilege to stay here too! It's reserved for you the whole duration of your stay. We just cook our food here since there's a kitchen you can use that's complete with utensils and equipment. You can also grill. 


So this is Brad, everybody's bodyguard. I love this dog so much. I think I went back only for him. Hahaha


The closest sunset photo I got. 


We just did a lot of photo shoots (obviously), rested the whole day and drank a few bottles that night. And of course, waited for the bonfire (which is every night) and had our roasted marshmallows! We tried to do Smores, too.

So that's all for day 1. Anyways, I am so happy with most of my photos that I took so let me know your thoughts about them. More to come in the next blogs!

Stay classy,

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