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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

There's a lot of activities in my 2018 list and visiting new cafes and restaurants with my friends is one of them. Usually I go with Tina because we just agree on everything and besides, we are each other's photographers. We love cafes because we love to work, catch up and eat together so it's where we are most productive most of the time. We found this pretty cafe in Katipunan and visited it yesterday and this is going to be the first new cafe I tried this year. It will really catch your eye even when you're just passing by and here are the exterior and interior photos of Tyler's. You be the judge!


They have a parking space or garage and that is a plus since it's been annoying and a hassle to see cars parked everywhere on the side of the street.

IMG_20180109_133426IMG_20180109_141220 (1)

And yes, this will look nice on your Instagram. Lol


Here is what I ordered, the Benedict which is with Garlic rice, House cured bacon, Poached egg and Hollandaise. It actually comes with Rye Bread but I was craving for garlic rice. It was so good and heavy for me since I don't get to finish meals like this. I also ordered Sweet and Creamy coffee which reminds of the Vietnamese coffee I tried in Australia. Well, Vietnamese coffee usually is sweet and creamy and this one tastes the same. You can go healthy with their fresh juices as well!


The only problem we had was the wifi. Hahahaha. Well maybe it was just that day. Their food and coffee are a must try guys plus you will enjoy the ambiance if you are looking forward to working or studying here. It's chill but you'll be productive for sure. My verdict? 5/5. I'll be back, Tyler.

You can check out the menu in the photos for your reference. Hope this helps too!

Stay classy,


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  2. Yehey! This has finally been touched. Enjoyed yesterday xx


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