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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I felt like I started my year right by travelling on New Year’s Day (and yes this is a late post) and was so glad I didn’t back out.I got invited by my bestfriend, Gail, to travel with her and her family to Ilocos, Philippines. At first, I was kind of unsure because my cousin was coming home from Melbourne, Australia and I wanted to take him out where he wanted since our other cousins was either at work or in school. I decided to go as this would be an opportunity to travel and experience a different view. Besides, my cousin will be just fine at home for a few days.

Touchdown Vigan, 2AM

We took a bus going to Ilocos via Partas Bus for 545 Php. It was an eight hour trip (from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.) and gosh I badly needed some good stretch. Tito Al badly ex’s (Gail’s dad) friend picked us up at the bus terminal and we were off to Laoag City.

Laoag was our first stop and there you can see the Laoag Church or the St. William’s Cathedral and also the Sinking Bell Tower. My photo in front of the Cathedral had a different feel like I was in a different country, Rome perhaps? (I wish I was though!)

After Laoag, we headed to La Paz for a crazy bumpy ride at the Sand Dunes! The weather was a mixture of hot and cold but not humid so it was great! I never really go out under the sun but this time, I’m doing it. It was my first time and I really had a great time riding the 4×4. I had a video but I accidentally deleted it due to my clumsiness, good thing I had posted a short one in my Instagram.

La Paz Sand Dunes! 

With my best friend Gail at La Paz beach

The 4×4 ride experience costed 2,500 Php and for me it’s as good as riding the roller coaster as I was screaming so hard I almost lost my voice. The price wasn’t that bad if you were riding with 4 or 5 of your friends and it comes with the sand sliding slash surfing or whatever you wanted to do on the board. Lol! This is only the first day of our trip and it was hell lot of a fun already! Will be posting more on the second part of my blog. Hope this was helpful to all as well!


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