Ilocos Trip III

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

After a long day, we headed to the hotel in Hannah’s Resort where we stayed for a night. It was a big piece of land and a part of it was still being developed. There were a lot of activities to do like the usual banana boat and jet ski but the popular one was the Zipline over water which costs Php 600.00 per head. It is known as the longest zipline over water so of course, we tried it! It was so fun even though I was kinda acrophobic. I felt so bad not being able to take a video of the view from the top because man it was just so awesome! The next time I’ll try it again I’ll bring a GoPro with me. Hahaha. 

I wanted to dip in the water but it was too cold for me to handle and I can’t even take my cardigan off or else I’ll shiver. I wish it wasn’t that cold though ’cause I was really excited to swim. Like duh, it’s a beach and the main purpose is swimming. I didn’t want to get sick and it was also drizzling when we got there so we just took photos of the place. Lol. 

We had cocktails before bedtime that day. What I hated from the resort is their restaurant. They have a not so good service that the manager was assisting every waiter/waitress because they really move slow. The buffet wasn’t even nice as we ran out of food and it was just 1:00 in the afternoon. They should have prepared as they know the number of people coming in and out of their resto. Good thing we found an eatery near which served good food even if it didn’t look like it did but well we’re in the province so it’s pretty normal looking.

That’s the only negative thing I can say. The place and the view was good. The beach was clean and well maintained plus you can do so much activities! (Awesome zipline!) It was worth the stay after all!

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