Ilocos Trip II

Friday, January 22, 2016

After the sand adventure, we took some time to check out the Museo Ilocos Norte, a mini museum that showed how life was before in Ilocos.

After a glimpse of Ilocos’ History, we headed to the Burgos Lighthouse in Cape Bojeador in which they said there were ghosts in some parts of the place and should be extra careful (I never liked such scary stories). Anyway, the view from the top was amazing and it was cold and windy that the winds were strong it was pushing me. I needed to stay away from the edge because it’s a long way down if I fall. Yikes!

View from the lighthouse

Moving on to the next destination: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. I didn’t expect that it would be that nice and even used this as my cover photo. Hahaha. I was so in love with nature that I didn’t mind the strong winds blowing and pushing me that I almost stumbled down the rocks. Good thing there was someone to assist me though because I am a clutz. My favorite part? Horseback riding! I even wanted to take one horse home.

Walked all the way down and rode a horse to the Rock Formation 

A few minutes away from Kapurpurawan was the famous windmill farm in which they call Bangui Windmills. This is what I usually see from other people’s photo and yes, I finally had the chance to take a photo with the windmills just like them!

And finally done touring around for the day because it’s time to go to the beach!! To be continued on the third part of my Ilocos Trip Blog! Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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